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      Need to setup remote desktop connection through the SonicWALL? Here’s how to set up remote desktop connection through the SonicWALL:

      1. Download the SonicWALL latest update from the SonicWALL website. Under the free download catogary, you can see dropdown box and select the netextender
      2. Then select latest update and download. Because some of machines which use the Windows 8 or 8.1 pro not support to previous versions of Netextender
      3. After you download Netextender setup file run and install to the computer
      4. Then double click on Netextender icon in desktop or start menu
      5. You can see prompt with Server Name, User Name, Password, Domain Name
      6. Please be careful when you put them and you must enter them correctly. Those are case sensitive and you must enter them carefully
      7. Then you enter them correctly you can see prompt with:

        Status : Connected
        Server : abc
        Client IP : 192.168.x.x
        Sent : xx bytes
        Received: aa bytes
        Duration: 0 Days 00:00:02

      8. If it is not connected, you can see error message in that prompt. Then re-enter your details and connect
      9. After you connect to SonicWALL, go to the start menu your computer and type Remote desktop Connection on search bar or it is in Start menu -> All programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection
      10. Double click on it and open Remote Desktop Connection. In that prompt you need to enter your computer name and User Name. Please see below:

        Computer: xxx
        User Name: yyy

      11. If it is not work, try to enter Username with domain(domain name\user name)
      12. Remember you must set up remote Computer for remote access before you log in to computer
      13. You can set up that as below:

        right click on My Computer -> Remote Settings Left hand corner in your screen -> under Remote tab put a tick on Allow Remote Assistance Connections to this computer

        And under Remote Desktop in same prompt click on Select Users and Add user

      14. Finally Click connect button on prompt

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