How to set up e-mail mailbox forwarding and access permissions using Exchange?

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      Do you need to set up e-mail forwarding to another users address? Did you know you can redirect e-mails from one accounts to another using Microsoft Exchange? You can also change Access Permissions to allow a user full access to a designated mailbox. This post will teach you how to set up e-mail forwarding/redirection and also to grant user permissions using Microsoft Exchange.

      Do you have an employee about to leave the organisation who currently is privy to confidential information via e-mail? If you work in an organisation that runs Microsoft Exchange, you may like to use its mailbox properties function to forward that users e-mails to another designated account. You also have the option to change access permissions of departing users mailbox, enabling the other user full access to the others mailbox, this becomes useful when older e-mails need to be access as well as new.
      These are excellent methods to to consider when an employee is leaving as they ensure no e-mails get missed and also help safeguard confidential information.

      How to Set Up E-mail Mailbox Forwarding/Redirection using Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013?
      I’ve included instructions for 2010 separately, as with most Microsoft releases only years apart the processes are very much the same with just a few terminology aspects that change between the two.

      Exchange Management Console (2010)
      – From the List select Recipient Configuration > Mailbox
      – Right click on the user whose e-mails you would like forwarded. Select Properties.
      – Go to Mail Flow settings tab. In the Window highlight Delivery Options and Click the Properties button.
      – In the window that comes up Tick the Forward to box. And click Browse to select the user you want to forward to.

      Exchange Admin Centre (2013)
      – Simiar to EMC, select Recipients >Mailbox.
      – Right click to Edit. On properties page, find and select Mailbox Features.
      – Go to Mail Flow tab, click View details to navigate to the e-mail forward settings.
      – Again, tick the Enable Forwarding check box, click Browse.
      – As above, choose the user you want the mailbox forwarded to.

      How to Set up Full Access Permissions to an E-mail Mailbox for another User?
      You also may want to allow the user full access to the mailbox (so they may access older messages as well as new). Here’s how to do it?
      – Select the Recipients Mailbox.
      – Locate and click on Manage Full Access Permission.
      – Click New.
      – Search for the user you want to have access to the mailbox using the search bar. Click OK.
      – The permissions required should have appeared. Click Manage.
      – Click Finish.

      If anyone has any questions, or I’ve missed something please feel free to let me know!

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