How to Reset vSphere DataStore Alarms

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      VMware vSphere 4 and 5 has a powerful alerting / notification system built in called “Alarms”. Sometimes you may notice the alarm indicators are reporting incorrectly and therefore need to be manually reset.

      By default vpshere has 33 pre-configured and enabled alarms. All of these pre-configured alarms are configured at the highest level (on the vCenter server). To reset the vSphere datastore alarms:

      1. Login to Vsphere Client
      2. First identify the name of the alarm to wish to reset. In this example I will use “ Datastore Usage on Disk”
      3. Click on the vCenter server
      4. On the right pan select ALARMS
      5. Right Click on the Alarm & select edit settings
      6. Disable alarm by removing the tick & click ok
      7. Enable alarm and click ok

      The vSphere datastore alarms will now be reset.

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