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      If Google Adsense has rejected your application to create an account, you’ll find that you can’t create another application with a new URL because the rejected application hasn’t been removed.

      This can happen if, for example you create a Blogger website then apply to monetize your website through Adsense instead of through the Blogger Monetize this site option. You’ll find that your Adsense account is caught in a loop whereby you can’t get rid of the old Blogger URL and can’t add a new URL.

      The only way that I’m aware that you can get around this is by creating a new Google account and submitting you’re new URL afresh. To my knowledge (I’ve done a fair bit of searching on Google’s Product Forum on this topic and found that) there is now way to remove a rejected Google Adsense application.

      Yes, it’s very irritating. I suspect it’s by design so that if they reject a spammy application for Adsense, then they can keep blocking you and reduce spam on their authorising systems by pushing spammers back to the Google account creation system so they can manage spam there?

      My suggestion to you is that you petition Google to remove this feature and let people remove URLs of rejected Adsense accounts. I think this issue affects a lot of honest people who just want to get a Google Adsense account on their new website.

      Another option would be to try an alternative to Google Adsense, there are many option here.

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