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      VSAN performance monitoring in the vCenter Client is quite basic. A better way to monitor VSAN performance is with VSAN Observer. To monitor VSAN performance with VSAN Observer:

      1. Download the VSAN Observer appliance
      2. SSH to the vCenter Server Appliance (ssh root@[IP of your vCenter Virtual Appliance])
      3. Open RVC using your root account and the vCenter name
      4. Type cd localhost/Datacenter/
      5. Type cd computers/VSANCluster/
      6. Type . –run-webserver –force

      VMware VSAN Observer will query the VSAN every 60 seconds. As performance data is stored in memory, this can get pretty big so to stop VSAN Observer’s monitoring, type Ctrl+C

      You can view performance monitoring data using this URL: http: //[vcenter IP]:8010

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