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      Renewing your Trend Micro OfficeScan license is easier than you think, and installing your license is even easier – you’ve probably already done it without realising 😉

      So, to install the Trend Micro OfficeScan license from a fresh install, if you haven’t already installed it during the install, you can do so by going to Administration -> Settings -> Product License (Obvious place, but easy to miss it!). If you don’t know how to get to the management page to get to the Administration section, this can be found on your Trend Micro OfficeScan server, not on your clients. Typically a shortcut is created on your desktop when you install it. Alternatively you can find the website in IIS on that machine.

      As I mentioned earlier, renewing your Trend Micro OfficeScan license is even easier. You just buy the OfficeScan license from your supplier… And that’s it! It gets updated automatically when your Trend Micro OfficeScan server connects to the internet to download it’s antivirus updates.

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