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      Need to increase the volume in VLC to 200%? Increasing the volume to 200% in VLC is a great way to be able to hear audio when speakers are at full volume.

      I have a Sony VAIO laptop which only fault to this date is its low volume. Without speakers it’s almost impossible to watch a movie and actually be able to listen what they say. Here’s how to increase your volume to 200% in VLC.

      Method 1:

      1. Right click on the volume icon in the taskbar
      2. Click on the Playback devices tab
      3. Now click on the Speaker / HP field and then click on Properties
      4. Go to the Enhancements item and check the Loudness Equalization tab
      5. Click Apply then OK

      Method 2:

      1. Open a VLC file and right click on the video
      2. Go to Interface then Preferences
      3. At the bottom you will see a radio button option; set it to Show settings: ALL
      4. Go to Interface -> Main interface -> Qt
      5. Scroll down until you see the box for the Maximum volume displayed and set it to 200%
      6. Click Save
      7. Close VLC Player and open it again

      The volume will now be set to 200% in VLC Player

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      I personally like this player and its default player in my system. Well, its very convenient to use and for increasing the volume its like super cool and easy if you got a external mouse with a wheel on it, just roll it till its 200%.
      Another good thing is for movies especially you can increase up to 400% from the same process is’t that so cool…
      In case you don’t have mouse and you use the laptop mouse then also no problem, you can increase the volume by pressing the ctrl key+up arrow key. Hold on ctrl key and keep pressing up-arrow key.

      I hope it will rock your music. 🙂

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      fn key + up arrow (or increase volume button). This will increase the volume of the computer and also the VLC media player. or you can just use your mouse and drag the volume tab up to the highest level.

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