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      We all know the word ‘bug’ in IT which are errors in a a program or software. There was a theory that the word bug is based from a moth that was removed by Hopper when he was working with his computer. Well, it’s not just the bug that may be a parasite that we must get rid in taking care of our computers.

      First of all, I want to share my experience to you. One night, I left my laptop in my bag and I forgot to zip my bag that’s why it was open the whole night. When I woke up after sunrise, I opened my laptop to, of course, check for some facebook updates but I was shocked after lifting the lid of my laptop. It is full of ANTS! My laptop was attacked be CRAZY ANTS. I really panicked and felt really itchy (some of the bit me!). To get rid of these ants, I removed all the ants that are coming out from the openings of my laptop (LCD, keyboard, battery, exhaust). I actually don’t just removed them, I killed some of them ( animal cruelty 8_8 ). I am pretty sure that there are still many of them inside so I removed the battery and plugged-in my laptop to the outlet. I left it open for some hours and I intentionally made my laptop hot for a few hours. After that, only a few remained and every time that there will be an ant popping out, I squeeze them. Anyway, after that incident, I make sure that wherever I put my laptop in, I ensure that it is properly locked so that no ants can enter. Seriously, I even put a print-out saying “Ants, my laptop has no sugar, only salt, so please, GO AWAY!”

      Anyway, I have another story. I bought a new me-101 printer for my shirt printing business (please visit my facebook page I put it at the corner of my room and left it there the whole night. The next morning, I was once again shocked. The printer scanner is full of ANTS. Of course I washed them away and made my scanner work for a few minutes, running about 10 scans. I finished my ant-destroyer job but I’m pretty sure that they will come back. My remedy for this is that I put fragrant baby powder at the sides of my printer. Since ants have no eyes and depends on the their sense of smell, they cannot track where the printer is. I am again the winner! No more attack from these crazy ants happened so far.

      This might be a funny thing but this is actually a big issue since these crazy ants who really loves eating the wiring and other component where Direct Current is flowing, it can actually cause short circuits. Thus, they can actually do harm to your computers and other gadgets and hardware.

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