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      It’s been a challenge getting Himsa’s Noah 4 application to work off a single central SQL database. Here’s how I got Himsa’s Noah 4 to work from a central SQL database.

      Firstly, install NOAH 4 as a stand alone option (first option of the 3 given in the install of the NOAH 4 client). Complete the install using a local SQL CE database (the default option). Next download the Noah 4 SQLCE2MSSQL utility and run it on the NOAH 4 server. The utility can be downloaded here:

      I’m assuming you have a full copy of SQL Server installed on another server.

      In the Noah 4 SQLCE2MSSQL utility, click Migrate -> Edit Configuration File. Set the instance name and server name of your SQL server. You’ll also need to update the connection string. Here’s a useful website for generating connection strings:

      Here’s the connection string I used: Data Source=servername\instancename;Initial Catalog=Master;Trusted_Connection=True;

      I ended up not specifying a connection string username and password, but using a trusted connection instead – it was just too hard getting it to work with a domain username and password and you obviously wouldn’t want to use SQL’s sa account. I then updated the log on account for the NOAH services to use the a specific service account, which I later set permissions on the database for. Once you’ve set these, click OK.

      Next click Migrate -> Test SQL connection. Go through the options to test the settings you entered. This might be an iterative process until you get the connection string right.

      Once your connection has succeeded, click Migrate -> Create MSSQL Db. This takes about a minute.

      Now check your connection again.

      If it works, click Migrate -> Settings file update. Select the NOAHDatabaseCore.dll file from the NOAH 4 directory in Program Files (x86), or wherever you installed NOAH to.

      Create a service account and give permissions (db_owner and public) to that account on the SQL server. Also set the Noah services (all but the update service) to run as this user.

      Reboot your Noah 4 server and you are done! You can now back up your NOAH 4 databases and import via the NOAH 4 server to centralize the data on the SQL server. Then reinstall Noah4 on each PC (or reconfigure them) to point to the Noah 4 server.

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