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      Want to get an amplifier tower in GemCraft – Chasing Shadows? Here’s how to get amplifiers in this version of GemCraft:

      Simply complete field J4, and open the tomb.

      To open the tomb you have to kill 216 cursed monsters. The easiest way to do this is to use the curse spell on swarmlings, as they are many and easy to kill. I also used tower power ups like Beam and Bolt at the same time to ensure I could kill the most cursed monsters before the curse spell wears off. Another tip is to send many rounds of swarmlings early so they bunch up. That way you can kill more at the same time. Don’t put your towers somewhere that will kill monsters before they get in range of the tomb.

      Once you’ve killed 216 cursed monsters, the tomb will open. You have to then successfully complete field J4 after the tomb opens to get the amplifier skill. Failure to complete the level with the tomb open will cause you to not get the amplifiers skill and you’ll have to redo the level at some point.

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