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      Do you have unknown devices in windows Device Manager that you can’t find drivers for? Here’s how to find drivers for unknown devices in windows:

      1. Open Device Manager
      2. Right click the Unknown Device that you want to find the drivers for
      3. Click Properties
      4. Click the Details tab
      5. Select Hardware Ids from the dropdown menu
      6. There will be a list of hardware identifiers for the device. They aren’t humanly understandable, but each line represents a description of the unknown device. The first line is the most detailed description. The subsequent lines are the same, but less descriptive. The final line will be so simple that it will basically just say the manufacturer.

        Copy the text in the first line and search Google to find out the specifics of the device

      7. Use the results in Google to find a driver for the unknown device
      8. Download and install the driver

      ❗ Warning: There are a lot of websites that will tell you what the unknown device is based on the above information; These websites are great for information, but not great for drivers. They will try to get you to install their software which is undoubtedly some sort of virus or malware 🙁

      Don’t use the links from these websites, get the information you need and Google search for the official download. Don’t install driver managers / searchers, etc… from these websites.

      ❗ Only download drivers from the manufacturers website (or other reputable manufacturer if they have the same device in the hardware they sell – which is often the case!)

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