How To Downgrade The VM Hardware Version In ESXi

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      There are a number of reasons why you might want to downgrade The VM hardware version in esxi. Here’s how to downgrade the VM hardware version in esxi (perform any of the following options):

      • Revert to a previous snapshot of the VM that has the previous hardware version
      • Perform a V2V migration using VMware Converter or backup / HIR Restore operation from the VM to a downgraded hardware version of the VM
      • Create a new VM with a downgraded hardware version and attach the VMDK disks from the old VM
      • Edit the VMX file of the VM, changing the virtualHW.version = “x” to the version you want it to be

      ❗ Note that only the first 3 options are supported by VMware

      You may wish to downgrade the VMTools after performing the hardware version downgrade

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