How To Display The Printer's Secret Dots i.e. Fingerprints?

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    How can I show my printer’s secret dots which can be printed each time I print a document from my printer.Please provide steps to display these secret dots.

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    What’s a printers secret dots?

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      Printers tracking dots are typically imperceptible to the bare eye under ordinary light. They are minor and light yellow which makes them hard to see against the white of a page. They are typically printed over the altogether of a page – even the parts where that are generally clear. They are available in both color printers and copiers however don’t appear in pages printed in dark and-white mode.

      The most ideal approach to see them is by utilizing a compelling blue LED within an obscured room. You can much of the time discover proper blue Leds as keychain scaled down electric lamps.

      You can additionally see them basically by utilizing a high determination flatbed scanner.

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