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      Today I discovered that it’s possible to delete just one website from your Internet Explorer history. Which is quite useful because this means you can delete a website from your IE history without making it look like you’ve deleted your entire history and are covering up your tracks.

      This works in IE 11, I’m not sure about what other versions of IE will allow you to do this. Obviously if you are on a corporate network, there will probably be a proxy server monitoring your internet access and keeping a history of websites you’ve visited, so if you’re going to look at stuff that would get you fired, make sure you do it on the computer of that colleague that you don’t like :p

      To delete just one website from your IE 10 history, press CTRL+H to open your IE history navigate to the date and find the website you want to delete. Right click the website you want to remove from your IE history and click Delete.

      You can also remove instances of visiting that website by expanding the website you want to delete and deleting the instance within it, in the same way.

      Hopefully that’ll help cover up any evidence of visiting that online flower shop so you want to keep secret from your wife so it doesn’t spoil her surprise *ahem* 😀

      It’s worth noting however, that the “online flower shop” may still have downloaded other identifiable things to your computer, such as flash components, etc. If you’re very keen to prevent your wife from finding pictures of the beautiful flowers you’ve been looking at online, you’re better off using IE InPrivate Browsing (Press CTRL+SHIFT+P).

      Obviously your browsing is never fully private, because you’re ISP and websites you visit may have logs of what you’ve been doing online as well. Hopefully your wife doesn’t work for the ISP or worse… the online flower shop!

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