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    If you have an App-V 5 application that is corrupt, you need to clear it from the cache. Here’s how to clear a corrupt app from othe App-V 5 client cache:

    1. Open PowerShell
    2. Run the cmdlet: Import-Module AppvClient
    3. Run the cmdlet to get a list of application names: Get-AppvClientPackage -All
    4. Find the name of your corrupt app that you would like to clear from the App-V cache
    5. Run the cmdlet (substituting xxx for the name of your corrupt application as you found it in the Get-AppvClientPackage cmdlet): Remove-AppvClientPackage -Name xxx

    The app should then be cleared from the App-V cache, though you may need to refresh the App-V Client to see it removed from the Virtual Apps list.

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