How To Change The Freshness Date / Time To The Name Of The Last Topic In BBpress

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      By default, BBpress displays the Freshness of the last topic posted on the forum homepage. This is bad for SEO because Google Webmaster Tools will display the words ago, months and a bunch of numbers for the dates and times as the most important keywords of your BBpress site.

      I’m guessing that the keyword ago probably isn’t the one you want to optimize your website for, so here’s how to change BBpress so it displays the title of the last post as the link name, instead of the age of the topic:

      1. Navigate to bbpress\templates\default\bbpress\
      2. Edit loop-single-forum.php
      3. Make the following change to the code at about line 52:

        Replace :
        <li class=”bbp-forum-topic-count”><?php bbp_forum_topic_count(); ?></li>

        <li class=”bbp-forum-reply-count”><?php bbp_show_lead_topic() ? bbp_forum_reply_count() : bbp_forum_post_count(); ?></li>

        <li class=”bbp-forum-freshness”>


        <a class=”bbp-forum-freshness” href=”<?php bbp_forum_last_topic_permalink(); ?>”>
        <?php bbp_forum_last_topic_title(); ?></a>

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      This is one way of filtration made by Google, they targeted post with SEO purposes, and their idea has been generalize which every post regardless of intentions always goes the very ends. In relation to this, this is the reason why I am getting the helpful tips from

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