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      Sometimes the robotic arm on the Rimage 2000i CD printer will need calibration if it stops picking up CDs. To calibrate the Rimage 2000i CD printer, do the following:

      1. Power on the Rimage 2000i and wait for it to be fully initialized
      2. Press and hold the operator button (which is the one next to the display) for about 5 seconds, until the words “[BUTTON DIAGNOSTIC]” appears on the display
      3. Press the operator button 3 times, holding it down on the 3rd press (that’s 2 fast presses and one long one).

        ❓ Tip: You have to initiate the long press before the item that you want on the menu comes up. So if the display is showing “Calibration” and you start to press and hold the button, it will perform the test in the list after the calibration, rather than do the calibration.

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