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      There are a number of different ways to beat Field V11 (The vision field) in GemCraft – Chasing Shadows. The trick to winning field V11 in GemCraft Chasing Shadows is knowing that:

      • Using the bolt spell cancels out the waiting time before the next shot after you move or upgrade a gem
      • There are only giant class monsters in field V11, their armour is so great that gems alone can’t really do enough damage to kill them. You need to use the bolt spell to empower gems to kill them

      Given this, the trick to beating field V11 of GemCraft – Chasing Shadows, is to use most of your mana to make one large gem, then use the Bolt spell to enable it to kill mosters. Then move that gem around the field to ensure it’s constantly zapping monsters. Don’t worry about monsters getting past you – that’s going to happen. Just focus on upgrading the one gem when possible, moving it around to make sure it’s always shooting, and using the bolt spell to get rid of the cool down after an upgrade or move. You must use bolt often, as this is the only thing that kills the giants.

      Here’s how I beat V11, using the strategy above: I sold all gems other than the yellow one, because it does the most single damage. My theory was that this will get past the giants armour best. I then made two small gems, which I combined as soon as I could so I just had one large yellow gem. I didn’t mix the gems, because I didn’t want the penalty of having a dual coloured gem. I then used the strategy written above. On the last level, I changed the priority of what to kill, regularly switching between “closest to the orb”, when I had bolt enabled, and “lowest hit points”, when Bolt was on cool down.

      If this helped you, please share it. If you come up with an alternative strategy to beat field V11, or any of the other GemCraft vision fields, please leave a reply below with your strategy 🙂

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