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      I’m using the All-In-One SEO Pack plugin, which seems to be correctly creating meta title and description tags as I specify them, but Google isn’t showing the meta description that is specified on the website. In fact, it seems to be taking the first 180 or so characters from the first reply that I get to my bbPress topics 🙁

      I guess I can’t fix this because Google is trying to be smart and show the user what it thinks potential visitors want to see on my website. It’s just a shame because the first 180 characters of my topics (which make up bbPress’s meta description) are on my website too and I think they make a really good sell for the website in the SEPRs 🙁

      I guess this is all part of Google’s plan to make searching more efficient by giving people what they want without even having to go beyond the Google page. Unfortunately, giving people information without them having to visit the website means that people can’t make sales / money on their website and therefore will make people not bother making websites. If Google takes this further (such as, by enabling people to do AJAX drop downs to view page content instead of visiting the source of the content on the websites in the SEPRs), then they could seriously damage the internet.

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