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      What is the best way to fix a Google Chrome browser that won’t open. I have found that the shortcut for Google Chrome does not open, but it will not launch from the Start Menu either. The strange thing is that Chrome has been reinstated a couple of times but will not open again after a couple of days.

      I’ve traced the shortcut extension back to the chrome.exe it runs from. That does not launch.

      I attempted at this point to uninstall Chrome. It would not allow me to do so, kept throwing up the error message, “Please close all Google Chrome windows and try again”. This is complicated further by this user not having administrator access for me to get into Task Viewer to stop it from running. I’ve also had the user restart their computer and tried to uninstall Chrome straight after but that will not work either.

      I have just tried Un-ticking Chrome from Startup to see if that works.

      Any other suggestions much appreciated.

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      Oh boy, if Google Chrome won’t start after all that, perhaps the issue is profile related? Does the user have to use Google Chrome, or can they use another browser?

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      After the restart, I was able to uninstall and re-install. So the user is now able to open Chrome sucessfully.
      The user is going to contact me if and when Chrome falls off again.

      I’m still really puzzled as to why it keeps doing it though. I’ve done a couple of Google searches and would appear to be a reasonably common problem that a lot of people are scratching their heads over. Some think it could possibly a security or virus scanner that is blocking it, but nobody seems too sure. Will keep researching it anyway.

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