Error While Downloading App. There Is Insufficient Space Available On The Device

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    When trying to download an application on Android, you get this error:

    Error while downloading application. There insufficient space available on the device

    If there is space on your device, you’re probably getting this error because Android isn’t managing the application cache correctly. You’ve probably moved a load of files manually to or from the device to free up some space and Android isn’t aware that the space is now available on the device.

    To fix the error downloading the application / incorrect reporting of insufficient space on the device, download an application that frees up application cache and run this to mark the space as free.

    ❗ Note: You may have to uninstall an application in order to install the application cache app, even though you have space available!

    The application I used to fix the error on my Android was called App Cache Cleaner – 1 Tap Clean by INFOLIFE LLC. I can’t help feeling all this app did to fix the error was delete some specific files or make a change to a text file on my device to tell Android how much memory is available / used. Nevertheless, the application fixed the error downloading my applications and I can now update my applications without worrying about Android complaining about insufficient space available.

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    If this doesn’t fix the error downloading Android apps (due to insufficient space available on the device), then you can try moving the app cache to the SD card instead of the device’s main storage space. To move the app cache to another storage location, install and run an app called MarketFix.

    ❗ Note: You have to root your Android device in order to run MarketFix. This is because moving the app cache is some pretty low level stuff, so the app needs root access. Be aware that rooting your Android device carries it’s own risks (in both security and making your device inoperable).

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    Seems that you can also fix the issue where there is insufficient space available by going to settings -> Apps -> All (tab). Then click Clear Cache, then scroll down to Google Play Services, select Uninstall (which uninstalls the update to Google Play) and try again. This fixes the issue when Google Play is not compatible with the app.

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    I’ve also found that you can fix the insufficient space available on the device error by going to Settings, clicking on Storage and changing the “Default storage location” to the SD card.

    You can also alleviate the insufficient space issue by clicking on Apps (from the same view), then clicking on each app from top to bottom (they’re ordered by ones that use the most space), then clicking “Clear data” for each app on the device. Of course, it’s going to fill up again over time, but this will help clear some space to get you by.

    Obviously uninstalling unused apps will also make more space available on the device, too.

    Addendum: It seems clicking on the apps, I now have the option to move some of them to the SD card (I haven’t jail broken my phone), which saves lots of space and prevents the issue of space availability creeping up as the applications use more memory.

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