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      When installing an application, you get this error:


      1603 (0x643)
      Fatal error during installation.

      Error 1603, ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE is a generic error stating that the install has failed. The program does not know why the installation failed and doesn’t have anything useful to tell you about how to fix it.

      To fix error 1603, you might want to try:

      • Searching Google for ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE plus the application name
      • Searching Google for error 1603 plus the application name
      • Dependencies or installation requirements of the application you are trying to install
      • Verify that the installer is not corrupt
      • Disable the antivirus and try the install again
      • Contacting the vendor of the software for support
      • Checking the event log for additional information
      • Right clicking the installer and Run as Administrator (even if you’re logged on as an administrator of the PC)
      • Searching the install directory for installation logs for the application, to try to work out why the installation fails

      Failing this, please start a new thread in the forum with the error and application name and I will try to help you.

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