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      If you’re Intel DH87MC motherboard won’t boot to the BIOS it’s probably because either fast boot is turned on (disabling USB ports on boot and therefore preventing the motherboard from recognising that you’re pushing F2 until it’s too late) or the BIOS is corrupt.

      If you can’t boot to the DH87MC’s BIOS, I suggest that you first try restarting Windows (instead of trying to get into the BIOS from a shutdown position). This will ensure Windows Fast Start-Up isn’t stopping the DH87MC from booting to BIOS. Next I would suggest powering off the PC, then holding the power button in for 3 seconds (until you hear 3 quick beeps), which should take you into the BIOS, despite DH87MC’s fast boot option.

      Finally if that doesn’t work, your BIOS is probably corrupt. Hold down F7 as you boot the PC to update the BIOS. You may wish to do some more searching on the internet about how to revert a BIOS to a previous version with a DH87MC motherboard, or consult the manual.

      Lastly, I’d like to recommend that if the above doesn’t work, you should buy a new motherboard; One that is preferably not an Intel Desktop branded motherboard because they are made out of very soft stool samples that are tied tightly together with string…

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