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    If your clients are not reporting to the WSUS server on Windows Server 2012 (or above), here are a few things to check and try:

    • Check that the group policy is set up to point the clients to the WSUS server
    • Check IIS to make sure you have specified the right port to point the clients to on the WSUS server’s website (by default you should point to http://servername:8530)
    • On the client, do a gpupdate /force to make sure it gets the policy (do a gpresult to make sure the policy is being applied to the client, successfully
    • Try doing wuauclt /detectnow to force the client to report to the WSUS server

    If you’re still having trouble with clients not reporting in to the WSUS server (or find another fix that’s not listed here), please reply to this topic.

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