Can't Change SonicWall Firewall Rules?

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      By default the ability to change auto-added rules is greyed out. To change auto-added firewall rules, you need to navigate to SonicWalls hidden settings, then tick the box next to Enable the ability to remove and fully edit auto-added access rules. You will then be able to change the default firewall rules, but beware:!: This may mess up your SonicWall’s configuration if you then later do something that automatically changes those firewall rules that you have edited / removed.

      It is recommended, that instead of changing the firewall rules, you should find the setting in the configuration that put the auto configured firewall rule there in the first place.

      If you find where the auto configured rules are created (that are making it so you can’t change the firewall rules), please share the information with the forum 🙂

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