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      Which is better: bbPress Standalone installation or the bbPress Plugin for WordPress? Here’s why you shouldn’t use bbPress Standalone…

      My first encounter with bbPress was with the plugin version, but I was quite excited and curious when I noticed that Softalicious was offering my a standalone installation of bbPress that did not require the extra footprint of WordPress!

      Think how much better bbPress Standalone should be with it’s lighter footprint making it faster, able to handle more users, smaller database, more secure and more tailored towards a professional forum.

      Boy was I in for a disappointment. After installing bbPress Standalone and falling in love with it’s simplicity, I quickly found myself searching for plugins (and then immediately searching for how to install plugins). Wondering why bbPress’s plugin installation interface was lagging way behind that of WordPress’s, I stumbled upon some interesting information.

      bbPress Standalone is now deprecated!

      That means that no more work will be done on it; the bbPress project is dead and all work will be diverted to the bbPress plugin!

      So you want to install bbPress, but don’t know which is best, bbPress Standalone or bbPress plugin?

      Go for a standard installation of WordPress and install the bbPress plugin.

      Anyway, bbPress Standalone vs the plugin: The plugin is build on WordPress, which means you have all the WordPress themes and plugins that you want, rather than just bbPress ones. Also, there are more bbPress plugins available for the plugin than the standalone version; probably because bbPress Standalone seems to have been dead for a few years 🙁

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