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    When Avira Antivirus launches the scheduyled scan (Luke Filewalker), you get this error:

    Avira Antivirus

    Unknown error 857735165

    Unknown error 857735165 is caused by Avira Antivirus updating the Luke Filewalker service and not being able to complete the update because it needs a restart.

    To fix error 857735165, restart the computer then start the Avira Antivirus scan again.

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    I’ve tried that several times, hasn’t worked at all

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    In your case, Unknown error 857735165 might mean that the antivirus signature update process is corrupt.

    I’d reinstall Avira, if I were you and see if that fixes it.

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    All sorted thanks and reinstalled antivirus now running a full scan as got a virus voice yesterday when I tried to remove myself from a jobs website.

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