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      Here are some cool April Fools jokes you can do to trick Google Chrome users. Note that these tricks only work in Google Chrome, not other browsers (as far as I’m aware).

      Making A Website Spin Around And Around

      To make a user’s website spin around perpetually, create a new Bookmark in Google Chrome with the following code in it (Alternatively, you can just browse to any website, then just paste the code into the address bar):

      javascript:(function () {var k = 0;if (window.activeEgg > 0) {clearInterval(window.activeEgg); window.activeEgg = 0; document.body.style='';return;}window.activeEgg = setInterval(function () { k = (k + 1) % 360; document.body.style='transform:rotate('+k+'deg)'; }, 15);}());

      Name the book something that the user would likely click on each day (perhaps replace their bookmark to their morning news website), or click on it yourself and stand back to watch their confusion.

      Making Parts Of The Website Spin

      This April Fool’s Google Chrome trick is like the previous, but makes parts of the website spin independently. Here’s the code to put into a bookmark:

      javascript:(function () {if (window.activeEgg > 0) {clearInterval(window.activeEgg); window.activeEgg = 0; document.body.style='';return;}var f = function () {var k = ~~(Math.random()*360); document.body.style='transform:rotate('+k+'deg)'; }; window.activeEgg = setInterval(f, 700); f()}());

      Google Chrome Askew

      The following bookmark code:

      javascript:(function () { document.body.style='transform: rotate(10deg)'; }());

      Will make any website appear askew, causing the April Fools victim to wonder if there’s a problem or if they’re just imagining it. As before, paste the code into where the URL goes in a bookmark (as if you were going to save it as a favourite webpage), then just click the bookmark to askew any website that you’re currently visiting.

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