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    When you try to enable BitLocker on a PC without a compatible TPM CPU chip, you get this error:

    This device can’t use a Trusted Platform Module. Your administrator must set the “Allow BitLocker without a compatible TPM” option in the “Require additional authentication at startup” policy for OS volumes.

    It is possible to enable BitLocker without a compatible TPM chip, here’s how to allow BitLocker on a computer without a TPM chip.

    Set the following group policy to Enabled:

    Computer Policy –> Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Components –> BitLocker Drive Encryption –> Operating System Drives -> Require additional authentication at startup

    Then put a tick in the Allow Bitlocker without a compatible TPM box, in the group policy.

    Computers with this policy should now be able to be encrypted with BitLocker even if they don’t have a compatible TPM chip.

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