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      When installing drivers in Windows 7, you can get:

      Access is denied

      To fix the Access is denied message:

      • Ensure that you are logged in as an administrator or user with access to install drivers
      • Once logged in as an administrator, right click the driver installation file and click Run as administrator – This tells the driver to run in the administrative context in UAC
      • If your computer is part of a domain, try loggin in as a local administrator, rather than using your domain account
      • Disable your security software – this might be causing the Access is denied error by blocking the install
      • Ensure that your user account has read and write access to the C:\Windows\Installer and temporary folder (you can find out what this is by typing echo %temp% into a command prompt
      • Try re-downloading the driver or try a different driver – the one you have may be corrupt
      • Check with the manufacturer to make sure that the driver is compatible with Windows 7

      If you are still getting access is denied when trying to install a driver, please create a new topic in the forum saying what the hardware is that you’re using, the driver that you are trying to install and what you’ve already tried. Someone will be able to help you 🙂

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