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Virtualbox does not natively offer Wireless support (Like a virtualized Wireless gadget). Instead, it connects specifically to the Wireless gadget the Host employments. In this aide I will indicate the steps required to have a working Wireless card for you Guest. Before we being you have to make beyond any doubt you have done the accompanying focuses:

Installed the Extension Pack for that particular Virtualbox Version. You can discover the amplification pack in the Download segment of Virtualbox. To install it, open Virtualbox, go to the menu and select File -> Preferences. Presently select Extensions and select the Add Pack catch at the far right. Search for the downloaded Extension pack and add it to Virtualbox.

You have added your client to the vboxusers bunch. The speediest way is to go to the terminal and sort:

sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers cyrex

where cyrex is my username. For this situation, you would change cyrex for yours.

Presently to continue with the steps. This is what is called a passthrough strategy:

1. Right click on the Virtual Environment you wish to alter and select *settings:
2. Go to the Network area and select an Adapter. For this situation I chose Adapter 1 although it is prescribed to select a second Adapter, along these lines, you can utilize the wireless association with your Host and still have the capacity to interface with your internal Virtualized system (Connect to other virtualbox guests internally). For the example specified here I associated straightforwardly utilizing the first adapter.
3. Click on the Attached To choice and select Bridged Adapter. This will open an alternative that will demonstrate your Host system interfaces. On the off chance that your host iw Linux it will show something like wlan0, wlan, eth2… On the off chance that your Host is a Mac, it will demonstrate Airport.

I ought to specify the accompanying:
On Mac and Linux has, functionality is constrained when utilizing Airport (the Mac’s wireless systems administration) or any Wireless Linux gadget to spanned systems administration. At present, Virtualbox backs just Ipv4 over Mac’s Airport or Linux Wireless gadgets. For protocols, for example, Ipv6 and IPX, you must pick a wired interface.

A few adapters strip VLAN tags in hardware. This does not allow to utilize VLAN trunking in the middle of VM and the external system with pre2.6.27 Linux pieces nor with host operating frameworks other than Linux.

I ought to also say that in the accompanying enlarged alternatives:
You can select how you wish to decipher the Host’s wireless gadget. In the event that you wish to see it as an Intel system gadget, a Pcnet gadget or a Paravirtualized Network gadget. Note that Promiscuous mode is utilized all the more frequently for sniffing and can create a bit of system lag on both, the Guest and Host when utilizing it.

Note that in the event that you disengage in the Guest OS, you are just separating the Guest to Host virtualized association. You are not separating or turning off your Host’s Wireless gadget. For more information regarding Virtualbox and systems administration see this aide.

Utilizing the system above, with a PCI Wireless gadget on the host or a USB Wireless gadget is the same. The Virtualbox Network settings will locate the gadget the same way. I am trying this at this time with the Edimax EW-7811un. It was discovered as wlan1 and Virtualbox (On the Network settings) caught the gadget as such. Keep in mind that one thing is the way the “outside” of the virtual environment works and then another how it functions inside. Inside it was demonstrated as a “Wired” gadget.