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Yeah, people are pretty polarized by Windows 8.1. I agree that it’s a good operating system, it seems good for the home user… But is it good for business? Personally, I have no experience managing it in an environment, but one thing is very obvious: Managing the change to the business will be a phenomenal task because of the start menu alone.

The effect of the start menu will not only be felt by users who don’t know how to launch their apps and get scared and stupid because something has changed and doesn’t operate the way they normally do, but packaged applications will have to be changed. This could be a lot of work for a larger business that is using a package deployment tool like SCCM, but may not be such an administrative nightmare for a business who delivers their applications via technologies like App-V, Citrix or rely mainly on terminal server.

But, yes I do agree, Windows 8.1 is a good operating system. The flat design is a bit odd at first, but the features and blinding speed are brilliant.